This is a site for patients and carers; family and friends of those living with illness; clinicians and healthcare researchers. It’s a site for everyone. It’s a site about living with chronic illness, dealing with the Australian healthcare system, and learning how to communicate the nuances of your condition to others.

About Me
I live with epilepsy, chronic migraine, depression and anxiety, along with myriad side effects including brain fog, fatigue and very low blood pressure. I’ve gained weight, lost weight, worked full time, struggled with casual (freelance) hours, and been a stay-at-home parent.

I have over ten years of writing and editing experience across healthcare, technology and government. As a news and feature journalist with experience in healthcare industry and in consumer technology, I have a strong connection with the Australian digital health community. I have written on topics such as trade agreements, international copyright law, science funding structures and the future of healthcare technologies. I am currently undertaking university research in how the media communicates biomedical news to the general public.